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Meet our Inner City Fitness team of highly trained and certified professionals who are dedicated to wellness, health and fitness! We are experienced at managing groups as well as working one on one with individuals on their personal fitness goals. Our expert coaches will teach, motivate and inspire you to get fit and stay in shape.

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Nicola – Owner/Manager/Cardio Queen
Nic has always had a passion for fitness. She loves both ends of the spectrum, running AND weightlifting! Nic has been involved with team sports like netball and soccer (indoor and out) from a young age before discovering weight training. After discovering the joy of getting stronger, she completed her Certificate 4 in Fitness in 2002 and has been in the industry ever since. In 2006, Nic and partner Raf opened Get Fit – a boutique personal training studio in Wanneroo that has won a number of awards. In fact, many of our current members first began training at Get Fit! Nic loves the reward of showing people what they are capable of, and helping members challenge themselves.
When she’s not running the gym like a well oiled machine, Nic loves her running and enjoys triathlons and other endurance events (her favourite is the Blackwood River Marathon). Crossfit is her new passion and she loves the intensity and way it makes you do movements that you should be doing all the time. And makes you huffy puffy. A highlight of Nic’s training career was training with both Ido Portal and Dmitry Klokov.
Certificate 4 in Fitness
Level 1 CrossFit
Level 1 Strength and Conditioning
Recreation Running coach Level 2 with Athletics WA
Level 1 Triathlon Coach
CrossFit Endurance Coach
Level 1 Weightlifting Coach

Rafael Owner/Head Trainer 
Raf is the technique drill sergeant and movement specialist at Inner City. Raf loves to learn and to pass his knowledge onto others. He is very thorough in his methods, and has a background in exercise rehabilitation. Raf has been in the fitness industry since 2005, and before this was involved in state-level basketball, state-level running, amateur boxing and enjoyed weight training. Raf graduated university in 2020 and is a Qualified Exercise Physiologist.  He is looking forward to helping rehab clients and assisting our existing members.
Qualified Exercise Physiologist
Certificate 4 in Fitness
Level 1 CrossFit
Level 1 Strength and Conditioning
Kettlebell Coach
CrossFit Endurance Coach

Michael – Strength and Conditioning Coach and Hiit Coach
Mich’s passion for training started while playing Rugby, and Rowing in School, and seeing the results from carefully planned weightlifting sessions and endurance programs. Since 2007 Mich has completed the certificate III & IV in Fitness, Level 1 ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach. Mich has worked with us since 2009.
Mich is passionate about working with his clients to reach their fitness goals. He understands that everybody is different and creates workouts around their specific needs. Having lost a significant amount of weight himself, Mich can relate to the struggles faced with starting your fitness journey as well as maintaining your goals.

Certificate 4 in Fitness
Level 1 Strength and Conditioning

Fran – Personal Trainer, CrossFit and HiiT Coach 
Fran regularly competes and represents Inner City at CrossFit Masters Competitions.  She loves to work with her clients, improving their movement. Fran loves to keep learning and is great at working with clients with injuries and niggles. Fran started working with us in 2014. Fran also works as a carer for the elderly.  Fran’s goals are to complete further study in nutrition and life coaching, to enable her to provide ongoing support, sound knowledge and motivation to her CrossFit community.
Certificate 4 in Fitness
Level 1 CrossFit
Rehabilitation Trainer

Shannon – Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Swim Coach, Group Classes Coach
Shannon has a power lifting background, Floor gymnastics, swimming and trampoling.  Shannon moved to Australia over 2 years ago and started her CrossFit and weight lifting journey with us, she took instantly to CrossFit and has represented at many competitions.  She loves old school strength and also coaches our nutrition clients.  Shannon works with many of our members to attain a health lifestyle and has had awesome results with our members.
Introduction to gymnastics coaching.
Trampolining introduction to gymnastics coaching.
Introduction to Gymstart level 1.
Introduction to Women’s Artistic Gymnastics.
Reps Ireland EQF Level 3: Gym instruction, exercise to music, aqua fitness and personal training.
Reps Ireland Qualification- EQF Level 4
Irish Gymnastics- Gym Start Level 2
Precision Nutrition Level 1.

Russell – Title Weight Lifting Coach
Russell has a passion for weight lifting and joined us in 2018 after returning to Australia from Canada where he was training with the Australian Bobsledding team.  Russell has helped so many of our weight lifting clients with technique and also coaches the competitive Weight lifters.  Russell is also in training to become a helicopter pilot.
Certificate 3 in Fitness (Gym Instructor) and Certificate 4 in Fitness (Personal Trainer) – Includes Older Adults Trainer, Disabled Persons Trainer, Children’s Trainer qualifications
Training: AWF  Level 2 Weightlifting Coach,
CrossFit Level 1 Coach, CrossFit Strongman specialty course, Specialty Weightlifting courses with elite level coach Bob Takano and elite level athlete Dmitry Klokov

Kimee – Personal Trainer, CrossFit Coach, Strength Coach, WOD programmer
Kim is an amazing CrossFit athlete, she has represented overseas and in a team at regionals.  Her movements and strength are great to watch and so inspiring.  She loves to coach and help people and will not let you get away with cheating reps.
Certificate 3 in Fitness
Level 1 CrossFit

Jason – Weight Lifting Coach
Jason has competed nationally and regionally in Weight Lifting and has extensive competition experience.  Jason has been coaching with us since 2015 and has helped so many of our members become better lifters.  Jason also works in strength and conditioning at the WA Institute of Sport.
Bachelor of exercise  and health Science
Masters in Strength and Conditioning
Level 2 Strength and Conditioning
Level 2 Weightlifting Coach

Daniele – Personal Trainer, CrossFit, Gymnastics and Mobility Coach
Italian Dan has been with us since 2016 he loves CrossFit and has competed in Perth and Italy.  He also has studied massage and takes the mobility classes.  Dan also takes gymnastics and has a great core gymnastics group who have all come a long way.
CPR and First Aid certified
Wellness coach
Soccer and tennis coach
Crossfit trainer L-1
Crossfit Weightlifting
Personal Trainer I.S.S.A.
Postural Trainer I.S.S.A.
Massage therapist remedial and Thai

Dylan – Personal Trainer, Group Classes Coach
Dylan graduated from University in 2019 in sport science.  He joined us in 2020 and takes a lot of our CrossFit beginners through the beginner program.  He also takes our group classes and is enjoying learning more about weight lifting.
Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science

Louis – Weight Lifting and Strength and Conditioning Coach
Louis started CrossFit at Inner City as a member in 2018. Louis had a spent a year in Canada on a Ice Hockey scholarship, returned to Scotch college and played Rugby and took part in rowing. He started CrossFit and found he really enjoyed the weight lifting he is hoping to crack 110 kilo’s for snatch an 135 Kilo’s for Clean and Jerk. Louis started coaching for us in 2020.
Level 1 Strength and Conditioning


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