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Inner City Fitness is the result of a passion for fitness, helping people, transforming lives and wanting to provide a gym where everyone is family. This journey of over 35 combined years in the fitness industry by owners Nic and Raf.

Starting from humble beginnings, fourteen years ago, when the first ‘Get Fit’ took shape in a granny flat at the back of Nic’s mum and Dad’s property, we quickly outgrew the space and took on our first lease in Wanneroo.

We employed our first staff members (Mich is still with us to this day), eight years later it was time to move on and go get that next goal of a larger premises. The small Wanneroo studio had been a great stepping stone to learn about business, members, how to get results and create a legacy, the business was thriving, had won many awards and it was now time to pass it on.

The big goal for Get Fit was to be able to find a facility that was large enough for us to never have to move again but also where we could provide the best coaching, an awesome community where people want to hang out and meet like-minded people who want to make the most of our their lives by being fit, learning new skills, being strong and moving well. This meant Inner City CrossFit was born in 2014 and it was the best thing we have done!

We recently rebranded to Inner City Fitness, the home of Inner City CrossFit.
We are blessed to have an awesome coaching crew who have been with us for years. Fantastic members who some have been with us since Wanneroo days and some since day one of Inner City CrossFit.

We hope our paths will cross and we can help you on your fitness journey!


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CrossFit and Strength and Conditioning gym in West Perth.
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