CrossFit Lingo

We have put together a list of the CrossFit Lingo you might seen written on the whiteboard at the start of the WOD – You are there trying to figure out what it means before the coach explains.

Hopefully this will help you figure out this unique language

AMRAP                        As many reps / rounds as possible

BP                                 Bench Press

BS                                 Back Squat

BW                                Bodyweight

C&J                               Clean and Jerk

CFT                               CrossFit Total

DL                                 Deadlift

DB                                 Dumbell

FS                                  Front Squat

EMOM                          Every minute on the minute

GHD                             Glute-Ham Developer

GPP                               General Physical Preparedness

HPC                              Hang Power Clean

H.SN                             Hang Snatch

HS                                 Handstand

HSPU                            Handstand Push Up

KB                                 Kettlebell

K2E                               Knees to Elbow

METCON                      Metabolic Conditioning

MU                                Muscle Up

OHS                              Overhead Squat

PC                                 Power Clean

PJ                                  Push Jerk

PP                                 Push Press

PU                                 Push Ups

REPS                             Repetitions

RM                                Repetition Maximum

RX                                 As prescribed

SDHP                            Sumo Deadlift High Pull

SN                                 Snatch

SET                                A set of repetitions

SJ                                  Split Jerk

TABATA                       8 Sets of 20 Secs Work, 10 Secs Rest

T2B                               Toes to Bar

WOD                             Workout of the Day


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