Unlimited CrossFit Classes

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Are you looking for a CrossFit gym with a strong encouraging community, motivating coaches, leading facilities in a convenient location, and a variety of classes and health services? Look no further than Inner City Fitness - the home of Inner City CrossFit! 

But don't take our word for it - for a limited time only, you can participate in UNLIMITED CrossFit classes for 21 days at Inner City Fitness! 

Just sign up for a FREE CrossFit Introduction session first to go over the movements and safety before participating in UNLIMITED CrossFit classes for 21 days.

Why Inner City?


Owners Nic and Raf (with over 35 combined years in the fitness industry!) and the Inner City Fitness team of highly trained and certified professionals are all dedicated to wellness, health and fitness. We are experienced at managing groups, as well as working one on one with individuals, on their personal fitness goals. Our expert coaches will teach, motivate and inspire you to get fit and stay in shape. 


Inner City Fitness is the home of Inner City CrossFit. Whether you're a complete beginner or experienced, our professional CrossFit coaches have the knowledge to guide you safely through the movements. If you are interested in doing CrossFit competitions, we have a competitive community as well as members who are happy not to compete and just get fit and strong! 


In addition to CrossFit, we offer a huge variety of classes to help you get fit, strong and have fun whilst in a group environment. Classes include weightlifting, endurance, strength, gymnastics, HiiT, Mobility, Yoga and Fit Kids. Combine these classes with our onsite Physiotherapy, Formotion Physio, and nutrition consulting, your health is our number one priority.


Inner City Fitness is a well-equipped, clean training hub located in a central West Perth location, within walking distance to Leederville and City West Train stations. We have free ample parking, 24/7 access, a large training area, and shower and change room facilities - perfect for those commuting in and out of the Perth CBD and surrounding suburbs such as West Leederville, Northbridge, North Perth and Highgate. 


With CrossFit classes happening throughout the day every day, you'll be able to find classes to suit any schedule. For the full timetable, click here.


Our members call the gym their second home. Everyone is welcome. Inner City Fitness is inclusive to everyone and all abilities. We regularly join in on events outside of the gym such as fun runs, competitions and other events, and we encourage all of our community to join us while we all hit some personal fitness goals while building lifelong friendships. We want you to walk through our door and know you are part of the ‘green’ team!

Try the Inner City experience for yourself with
unlimited CrossFit classes for 21 days at only $99!


Sign up for a FREE CrossFit Introduction session first to go over the movements and safety before
participating in UNLIMITED CrossFit classes for 21 days.

We also have weekly payment instalment plans. For more information about this option, contact us at

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Why People Love Inner City Fitness

Hear from our amazing members about what they like about the gym and their fitness journeys. We are lucky to work with a variety of members of different abilities, different goals, all ages and all fitness levels.





What to expect?

For 21 days,  you can participate in UNLIMITED CrossFit classes at Inner City Fitness - the home of Inner City CrossFit!

At each class, you and your 15 other workout buddies will be sweating it out together, cheering each other on and pushing your bodies (and not packing up equipment until everyone has finished the workout). Expect expert fitness coaches that will motivate, inspire and look after you, plus lots of fun!

Our classes run for a duration of 45 minutes which includes a dynamic warm up, set time on a skill or strength component, then the awesome workout! There's no need to rush off straight afterwards. We have a dedicated cool down and stretch area for our members plus the space to chat with your new friends.

Why CrossFit?


CrossFit workouts are based on the principles of high intensity interval training which  greatly increases the body’s metabolic response and ability to burn fat. It also supports cardiovascular health, improves joint health and helps with back support.  Plus you can achieve the same (if not better) results of a traditional workout but in half the workout time. 


The variety of high-intensity movements in CrossFit helps you increase muscle strength, stamina, and allows you to build lean and defined muscle mass. 


CrossFit classes feature warm up and cool down exercises which often include functional exercises that match the movements you do every day. These include squats, kettlebell swings or overhead presses to help improve agility, balance, and flexibility.


CrossFit workouts are never the same, so there's plenty of variety and creativity. There are thousands of combinations of exercises you can do, so you might see the same exercise again but not often in the same arrangement.

Want to get in touch?

We’d love to hear from you.  Shoot us an email below, give us a call or pop in and we can help answer any questions and find solutions for your fitness journey!

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Go further in your fitness journey, surrounded by a supportive and motivating community, with this limited-time 21-Day offer! 

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