Here at Inner City Fitness, we want to make sure that our members are eating sufficiently & effectively to ensure maximum results from training and maintain the healthiest version of themselves.
We have a very straightforward approach to leading a healthy well balanced lifestyle. We want to ensure that our members are fuelled, energised and happy! We believe that food is fuel to keep us moving and feeling good. We don’t entertain fad diets or low caloric intake with our approach. You may see us eating our prepped meals, fruits and heaps of veggie, but we also catch up for pizza and burgers after a hard session – everything in moderation!

A well-balanced nutritional intake will help with:

Your Performance– having enough energy to perform well in each training session.
Recovery– making sure the muscles are getting a full and quick recovery between training days as well as reaping the benefits from your training.
Strength– you can only gain and maintain strength if you are supplying the body with the protein and energy it needs to keep up with your training.
Injury Prevention– a well balanced intake ensures that you are getting adequate protein to the muscles as well as addressing your other macronutrients and fluid intake. This helps prevent cramping, overtraining muscles and supplies the nutrients needed to recover fully for your next session.

What you put into your body will have a massive impact on your fitness journey. It plays a role in everything from fuelling the body for exercise to aiding recovery! Of course, maintaining a healthy body fat too.

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Expect a group of up to 20 people sweating it out, cheering each other on, pushing their bodies and not packing up equipment till everyone has finished the workout. Expect coaches that will motivate, inspire and look after you. Plus lots of fun.

Our members call the gym their second home. Everyone is welcome. Inner City Fitness is inclusive to everyone and all abilities. If you are interested in doing CrossFit competitions we have a competitive community and also members who are happy to not compete and just get fit and strong.

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