Nic’s Favourite Stretches

Here are my favourite stretches that work all over the body – Obviously I would reccomend adding in a few more stretches but these are my favourite ones that I try to get in every day

Remember to hold all stretches for longer than 30 seconds and to breathe, if you are holding your breath you are pushing to hard, back it off a little and take deep breaths and relax into it, you can hold stretches for as long as you like

Hamstring Stretch with rope

I was always the worse at the sit and reach test when I played Soccer so I found this stretch to help me stretch my hamstrings, and now I can touch the ground with straight legs and flat arms, which has also helped relieving lower back pain.  I can’t reccomend enough this stretch for runners

  • Keep Leg in the rope as straight as you can
  • Pull the toes of the leg in the rope towards you
  • Straighten the leg not in the rope if you can keep hips on the ground
  • Pull legs towards you when it releases

Glute Stretch with Rope

This is another great for stretch for those with tight glutes and a great one for runners

  • Take the leg in the rope over your body
  • Keep the leg in the rope straight
  • Pull the toes of the leg in the rope towards you
  • Keep the opposite shoulder on the ground if the shoulder comes off back the stretch off a little
  • Pull the leg in the rope up towards your head when it releases

Lats and Tricep Stretch

An awesome stretch to work down the side of your body into your lats, and triceps, you should feel this from your elbow to your hip

  • Sit back on your heels
  • Reach your arms forward but do not let your bum come off your heels
  • Reach over to your right bend the right elbow and lay on the ground
  • Reach your left arm over your midline and keep elbow off the ground
  • Imagine someone is pulling the fingers of your left arm and pulling your left hip back at the same time

Chest stretch in Scorpion

Great for opening up your chest and getting a shoulder stretch

  • Lay face down take leg over till it reaches the ground knee pointing up to the ceiling
  • The arm you are looking at bring it close to you and push into the ground
  • You will feel the stretch in your shoulder and chest

Quad Stretch

An intense stretch but great, if you have knee problems kneel on a ab matt

  • The closer you have your knee to the wall the more intense
  • The leg in front is bent
  • You get as close to the wall as you can with your back

Happy stretching



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