Handstand Kick Ups

Before you attempt this:

You must be able to hold a wall walk for at least one minute with your nose as close to the wall as you can.

How to do it:

  • Place hands close to the wall with first finger pointing straight, cup the ground with your hands
  • Have one leg more forward then the other leg, the leg closer to your hands will be the leg you push off from
  • The leg further from your hands will act as a lever and move towards the wall
  • Do a few push offs aiming to get closer to the wall with your lever leg, make sure your hips stay high and do not drop, keep looking between your hands
  • Once you hit the wall with your level leg then try to get both legs on the wall
  • Once both legs are on the wall make sure you are locked out in your arms, pointing toes, squeezing thighs and bum, and you are looking straight maintaining a straight spine
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